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Health coverage is one of the largest insurance and yet unknown to the general public


  • Study of your current benefits
  • Search of the best solution
  • Development of a customized contract
  • Termination, follow up


  • Collective compulsory accident insurance
  • APG- Loss gain group health stop loss included
  • Information session to the staff
  • Permanence onsite
  • Settlement of claims
  • Case Management
  • Helpdesk available
  • Disaster management

  • Public liability
  • Household
  • Vehicle
  • Buildings
  • Legal protection
  • Travel


  • Corporate responsibility
  • Commercial inventory
  • Vehicle fleet insurance
  • Commercial building
  • Legal protection
  • Transport
  • Operating loss
  • Defence of your file with the banker
  • Determination of the choice of financing adapted to your personal situation
  • Opportunities tax reduction and tax tips to reduce your future imposition or taxation
  • Incidence of the financing of your foresight of funding your retirement
  • Identification of your purchasing power

  • 3rd pillard A and B
  • Insurance risk death
  • Single premium / Mutual fund


  • pension fund – 2rd pillard
  • Management of the collaborators (input / output)
  • Creation of plan and mandatory tax-efficient innovative solution
For company

  • Stock et transit
  • D & O
  • PI – Extended responsibility
  • Credit insurance
  • Kidnapping and rançon
  • Value object worldwide
  • Clinical test
For company

  • Health insurance / sickness & accident
  • Heritage insurance
  • Special risk insurance
  • Provident insurance
Protection against cybercrime for companies

  • Restoring program of exploitation and applications
  • Restoring data
  • Support for the loss of revenue in case of interruption
  • Support for damage raised by third parties and defense against unjustified claims

Cyber insurance offers insurance protection as part of cyber risks. It covers own damage on the one hand, but also the legal claims in high liability against the insured company, due to damages by the other third.

New insurance product for students.

  • From 73.60 CHF/ month
  • Included RC + health insurance

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