who are we ?

INEDITA is the culmination of many years of close collaboration between a multidisciplinary team and its partners.

This concentration of skills encompasses around 30 employees and allows INEDITA to offer quality services to its clients and prospective clients, together with experience in all management fields relating to legal entities and natural persons, whether you’re domiciled in Switzerland or abroad.

We mobilize our expertise to ensure optimal development of your economic and financial potential.

In advising you in order to ensure an acceptable financial and tax burden, we actively and effectively helping to sustain your wealth.

By advising you on how to attain an acceptable financial and fiscal framework, we can make an active and efficient contribution towards protecting your assets over the long term.

Your success is our success ! Your interests and your complete satisfaction are our priority. That’s why our relationship is based on trust/ confidence and discretion, but also quality services.
…defines itself in two words : trust and discretion

Staff Dirigent

Antonio De Biase
Antonio De BiaseManaging Director
Claudio Interdonato
Claudio InterdonatoPartner & Manager WhistleB
Laurent Freoa
Laurent FreoaPartner, Accounting Expert
Virginie Menais
Virginie MenaisSale